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Sandman vol. 1 no. 1"Sleep of the Just”January, 1989Sam Kieth and Mike DringenbergInk on boardEarlier this year, San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum featured a Sandman exhibit. While that exhibit has run its due course, there’s always something worth checking out there, so be sure to add it to your itinerary should you happen to be in the area. The Sandman exhibit may have come and gone, but it’s forever preserved (or at least until my hard drive dies) in the form of digital iPhoto album. I have the gal at the museum’s reception desk, who was kind enough to allow me to take non-flash photography photos, to thank for that. I’ll pay her kindness forward by sharing a few select photos I took while there - but not all-at-once. Where’s the fun in that? I’ll start this ball rolling with a photo of Sandman vol. 1, number 1, page 1.

I caught these in the sea in Zanzibar